/  Team

Shimilia Bathulia

Creative Director

Crafting our Voice and Visuals one project at a time.

Trina Alexander

Guest Facilitator

Your go-to for all your Appointment needs,

Andreah Baksh

Operations Manager

Optimizing your BC Experience.


The Strategist

Shimilia is one of the pillars of BC known for her ability to deal with 'curve balls'. It is rumored she has 27 personalities so beware of a good show when in her presence


The Heart

Trina is the most selfless in the tribe. Her heart smiles when you are pleased with the experience, which (by the way) she has personalized details down to the temperature of your tea/coffee.


The Quality Superintendent

Because we are such a small team, roles are intertwined. Andreah is the accountability partner, find the person responsible, address this situation immediately, crisis manager, kinda force that keeps the gears moving in the right direction.

Curlise Wharton

Nail Artist

Nail Care from the heart.

Shannon Boodram


Effortless details for your special day.


Count on Sue

Sue Lin's consistency is unrivaled. Once a process is mastered she sticks to it like 'lint on denim', which is ironic because she has an obsession of removing lint from our clothes.

Cah- yuteeeee

The Details

Intricate detailing is definitely one of Shannon's gifts, which is why her hairstyles are the bomb.com but it doesn't stop there, her fashion game is strong, and again it's all in the details.