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Professional Beauty Care

We are experts at Care. Our process takes you through a journey of self discovery to optimal care of yourself. You get a clear understanding of your beauty needs and what it takes to ensure that you are confident as your best self, daily. Our Beauty Care Providers (BCP's) specialize in Superior beauty care. They work with you on a one-on-one basis to curate a care routine that you can use for as long as you want to maintain the desired benefit. Professional Beauty Care does the heavy lifting in the areas that require intricate details. We are trained and committed to caring for you so you can be confident. Our trifocal approach departmentalizes your beauty care needs; Hair, Skin and Nails.


Hair Care

Are you having ongoing challenges and can’t seem to get your hair right? Maybe it’s dry or dull or plain ole bleh. You are ready to have that bouncy hair that you imagine in your head, so healthy it reflects light. The texture is consistent from root to ends. the ease, the manageability. Oh how you desire to have this down to a T. We are who you need, Hair Care Experts.


Nail Care

Do your fingernails break easily? Are your hands constantly in water so your skin does not retain moisture and every time you look at them they are dry? Do your feet feel clammy after you bathe? Or your heels tug on your bed sheets? Nail Care is essential, to you feeling and looking your best, with the lowest maintenance of all the beauty care niches. Overlooked nail care can make you feel less than the best version of you. When wearing slippers on a hot day or paying over the counter, be confident with superior professional care for your nails.


Skin Care

Is your skin dry in some places and oily in others? Are you having blackheads regardless of how much you wash your face? Maybe your pores seem to be getting magnified each month. Does your body hair seem to grow faster than the hair on your head? Maybe your skin’s surface is fine but your muscles are sore, tension in your neck, lower back or knee? The skin is the largest organ of the body so the care for it is vast. Our Beauty Care providers will curate the best care plan for you by analysing your needs and giving you the personalized professional care and advice that you have been longing for.

Our Process

What to Expect

We have curated a Professional Beauty Care Experience that encompasses clarity, coaching, support, referral resources and services for you to become your best self. Here is our BC Experience:


  • BC Consults – the most crucial stage of beauty care that helps us understand your individual needs, our consultation allows us to hear from you. You’re the one  who has had a lifelong experience with yourself, the history of your services, styles, care and routine (if any).  We can establish a baseline from where we can begin your beauty care journey. We ask you a series of questions before we engage so that we are fully prepared for your beauty case. We then have a one-on-one online conversation to deep dive into the intricacies of what you shared previously. Once we have all that we need and a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, we begin our professional analysis. It’s time for us to meet in person. The warmth of the Loft greets you on arrival and we ensure your comfort as we begin our physical analysis.


  • Home Care – a fundamental part of your beauty care happens on a daily basis without our supervision, so we equip you. We have an in depth approach to home care routines. Here is where we establish what your beauty care takes by a step by step demonstration and we coach you to perform and maintain this healthy routine at home. Now that you understand the routine we target your physical support, the products. In our professional recommendation you do not need a suite of products to care for your hair, we get you the basics to address each and every need of your beauty care.


  • Beauty Care Support – We won’t leave you hanging. We have check-in systems in place for you to engage with us in real time about any unforeseen challenge you may have had or if you could not remember how to perform a step. After a few visits we document your care, you are given complete access to your Beauty Care profile, here you can view the progress you have made and review all the steps, videos or images to keep you on target. We are committed to care. You will have access to our tribe of Beauty Care guests who share fun videos, celebrate their wins, motivate you and share support on an ongoing basis in a very intimate way. We are with you on your beauty care journey. We have your home care routine down, we have your personalized products selected, we take it a step further and have them delivered to your home every quarter so that you are never without your beauty care.


  •  Professional Care Visits – It’s like being able to see your dearest friend but leaving feeling all the more confident because you just had a superior beauty care service done by an expert. Here is where you tag us in to take care of the intricate stuff, whether chemicals or technique, we give you the quantum leap you need to have confidence until your next visit.


  • Beyond Care – Our team works arduously to ensure you stay the course. e check in the next day to ensure you are pleased, on your mid point to see how things are going and if you need to chat with your BCP and 3 days before your pre booked service to ensure that our schedules are in sync. We don’t compromise on care. BC was designed to walk with you every step of the way. If you value every thought that was crafted to care in our bc experience, let’s secure your place in our Beauty Care tribe.
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We care about you. Our support team is ready to answer any questions you may have. We understand that you may have had some poor experiences in the past and you need more information. We are happy to address your concerns.