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Nail care routine; Akeila’s experience

A nail care routine is essential to experiencing a desirable look. At BC, we conduct a nail analysis and co-create a routine that is unique to you. This allows you to achieve your beauty goals. A major factor for your routine to be effective is that it must fit into your lifestyle. In this vid blog, one of our BC Tribe members, Akeila shares how her nail care experience with Sue.

When clients come to the Beauty Loft to have their nails done, Sue makes sure they are well taken care of. In the true Beauty Loft style, she starts with a consultation. Sue ensures that she gets to know her clients and the styles they want to have done. Before meeting with the clients the designs are sent to her beforehand. However, there is no style to daring for Sue. She is always up for a challenge. Whether you like the all-out look or prefer simplicity she is more than able to deliver. Most importantly, she takes the time to make sure that your nails are healthy and that you are delighted with the outcome.

Akeila expresses her delight with her nail care experience with Sue and looks forward to visiting the Beauty Loft again.

At BC, we focus on your hair, skin, and nails holistically to help you achieve your goals.

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