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Hair care tips with Nichola at the Beauty Loft

In this blog, one of our Beauty Care Tribe members shares some tips from Shimilia about caring for your hair at home. Caring for your hair doesn’t end at the salon. To maintain healthy, vibrant hair, you also need to care for your hair at home. At Beauty Loft, we continue to encourage healthy hair habits to help you to achieve your individual hair goals. In this vid blog Nichola shares some pertinent hair care tips she learned from Shimilia, our hair care expert.

One of the first tips she talks about is using the LCO (liquid, cream, oil) moisturizing method. The LCO method is familiar in the hair care world, you should apply the moisturizers when hair is wet. The next key tip is wrapping hair after it has dried. You can start by separating your hair into quadrants. If you’ve been to the Beauty Loft and your hair is relaxed, you would hear Shimilia mention the word ‘quadrants’. It starts by parting the hair from front to back and then side to side. Then begin wrapping your hair from the back all the way around until your hair is placed on each other. Finally, secure the hair with a headband to keep the hair in place.

At the Beauty Care Loft, we believe in the importance of establishing good hair care routines to help your hair to remain healthy.

If you want to learn more about achieving your hair goals sign up for a discovery call with Shimilia using the link.

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