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Beauty Care Routine; Alicia Experience

A Beauty Care routine is integral to experiencing daily success in your hair, nails, and skin. As a result, at BC, we co-create a personalized routine with you. This allows you to achieve your beauty goals. A major factor for your routine to be effective is that it must fit into your unique lifestyle. In this vid blog, a key member of the BC Tribe, Alicia shares how her routine was developed and integrated.

In Alicia’s consultation with Shimilia, she decided to take the leap toward growing her hair to achieve the style she desired. Alicia chose to go with a style that will allow her hair to frame her face. This was not her norm. Being aware that she has oily skin, Alicia had to make a few lifestyle adjustments. Additional care for her skin, is essential to achieve, a healthy glowing appearance. Nevertheless, she was determined to match her new hairstyle with the glory of glowing skin. However, Shimilia assured her that the results weren’t going to happen overnight.

Our Hair Care Expert understands the value of support when integrating a beauty Care routine into your life. As such, Shimilia coached Alicia into the full embodiment of her beauty goals. Not only has Alicia committed to the challenge of achieving her desires, but she has also had no regrets.

We truly believe in having a community to support and celebrate your Beauty Care Journey. Check out members of the BC Tribe personal experiences here.

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