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Why have a Consultation at BC?

The Hair Care Expert, Shimilia B explains a consultation.

A consultation

A Beauty Care Consultation is the way for Beauty Care Providers at BC The Beauty Loft, to determine if your desired beauty care needs are being met.

In the Consult, we go through them;

✨ANALYSIS of your hair, skin, or nails

✨The PRODUCTS you are currently using at home

✨Feedback on your ROUTINE at home

✨The Professional SERVICES required to consistently achieve your beauty goal

What’s included in your consultation

✨You get to learn about your hair/skin/nails since you get ACCESS to your Beauty Care (BC) Profile. It’s the analysis, notes, and recommendations that we keep on file, based on all of their findings with you.

✨ You get to make a decision to move forward with your service from an informed place. You get to lead yourself to the next choice that’s best for you. Taking into account everything that was discussed with your Beauty Care Provider, after you read your BC Profile and look at the recommendations.

✨Consultations put the power back into your hands. It’s your hair. It’s your nails. You get to decide what’s next for you, with the help of your BC Profile.

Your BC profile

At BC, we truly care about your beauty care goals. We understand it’s what makes you feel confident and that it fits your day to day lifestyle. As a result, we work with you to ensure that you maintain your healthy hair, skin and nails.

Your BC profile is personalized to meet your needs. You get to have reference to your individual analysis, the products, routine and professional services. In essence, your Beauty Care profile helps to take the guesswork out of your daily routine.

So, why have a consult? It’s a guide in the decisions you make from the help of an expert. It addresses every concern you may have on your beauty care journey. Therefore, having a consultation is integral for your routine.

Schedule your consultation at BC The Beauty Loft today.

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