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Why you should get a hair relaxer within 4-6 weeks?

There’s so much information out there regarding relaxers and what is necessary, but like all things, science will prove or disprove a theory. In this blog, we’ll discuss why you may need a hair relaxer within 4-6 weeks. So let’s begin with the science.

Your body projects heat 1″ off the surface of your skin. This includes your scalp. Relaxer manufacturers take this into consideration when giving instructions for application. Your hair (on your head) typically grows 1″ every month (this varies based on texture and ethnicity). This is why hairdressers of old would have suggested you have a hair relaxer done every month.

Line of demarcation

When your hair has grown past the 1″ window, you now have two different processing times. This means that the hair closer to your scalp will process faster than the area beyond the 1″. Simply put, you will have an area that is straighter than the other. Where the two areas meet, we refer to as a line of demarcation. This line is a point of weakness. Think about a newly paved road, as a hair strand that has a consistent texture, there are no areas of weakness. Whereas, a road that was paved with asphalt, which links to a gravel road, then a concrete road. The last example is a hair strand with multiple textures. There is a higher chance of breakage (potholes) on the road with different textures. It is for this same reason that ‘going natural’ is quite the challenge, from extreme breakage to using products for multiple textures. But we will address that in another blog.

Maintaining healthy relaxed hair

If you want to have healthy hair, without having to constantly go through the struggle of growing out your hair, then cutting it because it’s too thin, then we suggest you heed the following advice.

  • Relax your hair every 4-6 weeks
  • Replace regular conditioner with a moisturizing treatment (at home use)
  • Every 2-3 weeks, get a professional protein/moisture treatment.
  • Trim your ends every 3-6 months
  • Wrap your hair or tie down with a silk scarf/bonnet
  • lubricate your hair daily with a serum to reduce breakage.

These simple steps when followed consistently, will allow your hair to retain its length. Your hair grows, that’s why you have to relax it, it’s the retaining of that growth, where most people struggle.

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