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Does Hair Colour damage hair?

Let’s start at the beginning. You are finally ready to have that amazing new colour. The first step is to get your hair checked out (a hair analysis) by a professional colourist. (trust me, you hair has a history) In my consultations, we discuss lifestyle, routines and products used to ensure that you are prepared for the change in hair care. For each hair type the recommendations may vary from transitioning to a sulphate free shampoo (to keep colour molecules embedded,) or using a thermal protectant when flat ironing to avoid colour fading.

The hair analysis, however, is to determine the health of the individual strands. This can be measured by porosity, elasticity, texture, density and a few other tests. A strand test is next in line to rule out allergies to the products being used, as well as the hair’s ability to return to it’s natural state or as close a possible.

Once these results are good, there are a few steps a colouring process should entail.

  • We recommend that a clarifying shampoo system should be performed prior to colour, as minerals, product build up, residue from hard water can all affect the result. When lifting, there are bonding treatments on the market to help with rebuild the side bonds (di-sulphide bonds) which are broken to release the natural colour pigments out. With that advancement in science it is now possible to go even lighter than you could have previously.
  • A reconstructive treatment is recommended as well depending the the levels of list desired. The moisturizing process is another area that has to be addressed, as product can only be absorbed into the hair shaft while the hair is wet. Once the hair is dry, the product sits on the outside (think of a door being closed and you sitting on the step). The only product that should be applied once the hair is dry is an oiled based product (serum) which is then used for lubrication while daily styling (manipulation)
  • After Care require Bond treatments every three (3) weeks for 3-4 months or until hair is back to it’s natural state.

Be mindful of products with dyes (especially if you are blonde) as they can tint your newly gorgeous colour. You will experience dryness during your first 2 weeks after a colour service as the cuticle will still be slightly open. This is absolutely normal, some guests say they never experience it, so it’s also based on an individual basis.

All in all, once these steps are observed, we can almost guarantee that health of your hair and you will experience beautifully coloured hair that is not damaged. Come on beauties, it’s time to make your colour shine!!!

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