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A love letter to myself

Dear Self,

It’s been so long that we have been on this journey together, you have given me your strength, your support and your unwavering commitment . It’s about time that I prioritize what you need because leaving you on the back burner is no longer going to cut it. Literally, my actions or lack thereof has been sucking away at your youth.

I vow, from this day forth, to intentionally think about what is in your best interest, inclusive of food and sleep. You have been making silent protest against dairy for years with all those unwanted flatulence to perfume the air. Those designer bags under the eyes, did you really have to exaggerate to where it’s darker than the tents of kedar?!?! You literally had everyone staring at us all day long, with pity. On a lighter note, you stayed up all those late nights doing what i procrastinated to the last minute and you absorbed that greasy doubles as compensation. I am so sorry for how thoughtless I have been in my cares toward you.

Say this with me. I [insert name here], hereby commit to making better decisions that will mutually benefit us.

Mind, do ALL three of us a favour (body and spirit) and stick to what you said. Take all of our needs into consideration. I am hoping that you listen because we will all die if you don’t adjust.

Yours truly.

Body, Mind and Spirit.

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